Are you posh enough for the Pukka re-brand?

Pukka Pies is a market leader and has growing sales figures so why re-brand now?

Pukka PIe written in black text with a white outline on a deep orage oval background
Think of the Pukka brand and you’ll probably picture dads at the football, eating a cheap pie. The brand’s decision to focus on premium, home life and mums sounds as though the marketing team ate too many pies, got over-excited and decided to set themselves a bonkers challenge of turning their audience on its head. To make it even more interesting, they have introduced new ‘posh’ flavours and will be charging more.

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What happened to the pig?

The end of September saw online personalised card giants Moonpig unveiling their first brand re-fresh since their launch in 2000, and the surprise, the disappearance of their comic pig. Identifying yourself as an online retailer no longer necessitates the inclusion of .com in your company name so its removal is an obvious and welcome change, but has the removal of the pig enhanced or devalued the brand?

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The truth about social media marketing

To many people, social media marketing is a complicated tool which has no direct benefits or practical advantages in business. Others see social media as one of the most important platforms for marketing, as good reputations can quickly turn sour if negative publicity goes viral and is not dealt properly. Alternatively, company reputations can be enhanced through positive social media marketing practices. “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Here we have laid out some benefits in social media marketing, aiming to prove to you why it can in fact be effective.

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Which ‘tone of voice’ do you use?

‘Tone of voice’ isn’t solely the ‘tidy your toys’ voice we remember from our childhoods. So what does it actually mean to your business and why is it relevant?

Tone of voice defines the way in which the character, personality and persona of your business is expressed through both written and spoken communications.

Here, we reveal the benefits of a good tone of voice when connecting with customers.

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